Friday, August 12, 2011


korg blek x bwk aku pun...
sunyi dan sepi..

minah ni pun blek ....
huby aku pun blek...
tggl la sorg2....
tp bgs gak la ko blek meon aku ley gne katil ko...
besa ckt nk guling2...
semak je ko kt blik aku...hehehehe

minah ni la yg wat kn aku ice...
nsb baek da sediakan ..
die  wat kn aku ice 4 ketul trus tok buka pose 3 ari die xde..hehehe
untung kn aku?..
korg de?..
xde kn?..hehehe

rndu time nie..
love it!!

Your love is so strong and bright
it leaves me with a smile when i fall asleep at night,
when im dreaming hours seem as minutes
because i cherish every moment with you in it,
Waking up to your text “good morning”
sends my heart and soul high a soaring.

muke selenge..hehehe

dduk cm pomp my huby nie..

love u so much syg hney...

I’ll never leave you,
I’ll always be by your side,
always making your day shine,

I love you more each and every day,
Your so beautiful and perfect in every way,
My love for u will never delay,
I’ll never let go, not even for a day,

hehehhe muke majok..coz syina amek pic dye x pena btl..

I’ll cherish you for ever and ever,
I’ll protect you through any terror,
I’ll never make your heart tear,
I’ll only do the opposite and care.


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