Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i miss u!!

yeah i miss my huby..
And now I miss everything about you

mohd fakhri zahari..
u take my heart...

slalu klo de kt poly tiap2 minggu mst jmpe..
even x lame pun jnji jmpe..
skang da cuti..
u jauh n slalu bz je..

its owk i x ksah pun jnji u stil syg i as usual kn..huhu

u r the twinkle of my eye
the smile of my lips
the joy of my face
without u i am incomplete

rndu nk gedik2 ngan u syg..
huh teringat pantun gedik kte mlm tu..
n make me smile..=)

ikan hiu makan roti,
i miss u sweety..

than u rep
ikan puyu x idop kt darat,
miss u to my sweet heart,..


ble i rndu kt u..
u anta i lyric this song..
perfect 2

Don't know if I could ever be Without you
'Cause girl you complete me
And in time I know that we'll both see That we're all we need
Cause you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one I wanna marry

Cause you're the one for me
And I'm the one for you
You take the both of us
And we're the perfect two
We're the perfect two
We're the perfect two
Baby me and you
We're the perfect two

u always make me smile dear...
coz ko bengong...
pangai ko tu gedik sgt2...

You can be as cold as the winter weather
But I don't care as long as were together

full of love 4 u syg....<3

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